Friday, January 20, 2006

SWU - End of the Week

Last session of the week and I’m tired. So many people, so many packed days. All in all the conference has been great and I’ve learned a little bit more about several new areas. These new insights will be useful for the year ahead. Insights into products, strategies and directions for the company. I’ll be on my own tonight as my roomie has gone home, so I’m thinking about a quiet evening. Tomorrow will be the exodus to the airport with 10,000+ others to travel over to Orlando for Lotusphere. I’m beginning to wonder about the wisdom of two back to back conferences. It seemed to make sense when I arranged for all this. The nice break will be to see Paul & Rachael, old friends who are now located just a two hour drive from Orlando. So, after a weekend off, it’s back into conference mode - too much good food, lots of sitting and thinking. The other good thing is it will be even warmer. Here in Las Vegas a long sleeve shirt have been good for most outside activities and in Orlando it should be in the 70s. Going back to snow in Winnipeg will be a shock.


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