Thursday, January 26, 2006

Shamu Rocks America

Shamu Rocks America
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Last nights Lotusphere 2006 party saw 6,000 attendees make their way to Sea World for an night of food, drinks and shows. This is quite a logistics exercise in moving all the attendees from various hotels, to the park and back, requiring a large fleet of buses. For the final show with Shamu, I opted for a seat in the "splash zone" which is the first 14 rows! Fortunatly, most of the soaking took place to either side of center, but I did get a little wet at one point.

After getting back to the hotel, I got engaged in a tv movie and stayed up way too late and I'm dragging a little bit this morning. Well, the first session was excellent, and there is Starbucks awaiting in the foyer.


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