Friday, January 13, 2006

Pre-Trip Surprise

Last night I was getting ready, packing my bags, for my mutlti-conference road trip to Las Vegas for SWU and Orlando for Lotusphere when the phone rings. It’s late and I wonder who’s calling. While the phone is rarely for me, this call is, and it’s Scott. He’s reporting that he and Mandi have been in a car accident. Everybody is OK, but our car is not looking so good . In fact, it’s most likely a write-off. Eric and Dez are on the scene as “first-responders” and are helping out and keeping everybody warm while the details are exchanged. It seems like another vehicle slid through the stop light and showed up in front of Scott going south through a green light. We’ll this creates a little excitement and some tension around the house. But the good news is there were no major injuries, just some scrapes, brusies and soreness.


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