Sunday, January 29, 2006

Icebike 8

Best Bikist
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Some how this years race snuck up on me and I didn't even know about it until last Wednesday when I was enjoying 80+ degree weather in Orlando, Florida. As it turned out I had some previous commitments on the day, so I was only able to drop down to the Forks and take some pictures of this year’s event. Woodcock Cycle was again the key sponsor and organizer and it sure looked like the event was a great success. With the warm weather this years course did not go on the river due to dangerous ice conditions. But, there was plenty of ice on the trail and as it turns out a little danger as well. This racer, whom I spoke to after the race, was sliding down one section of the course and got too close to the bike in front and made face to rear wheel contact resulting in a bit of a nasty cut. One of the surprises was the unicyclist who navigated the course in approximately one hour, a great time for this type of riding and course. Some riders had quite the attentive fan club cheering them on!

Information about the Winnipeg Icebike race, history and results can be viewed on their site.

Next year, be there, I will!


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