Thursday, July 07, 2005

Going to Toronto

Going to Toronto
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See that little spec at the head of the white line? It's a plane. And more that likely it's heading to Toronto. Poor them. This picture is from my boat on beautiful Lake of the Woods. It's sunny 25-27, breezy and a great day.

Several times on business trips to and from Toronto I've been able to look out the window and spot the point of land where our cottage is located from about 30,000 on a clear day. You see, right over Lake of the Woods is where the Air Canada Toronto to Winnipeg flight starts it's descent into Winnipeg. When I'm at the lake and look up and see the contrails of jets going east and west overhead I can't help but think of the people in that amazing flying machine going to and from the big TO. Hopefully, they are traveling for happy and good reasons and not just another business gig. I'm so much happier looking up from the dock and viewing the plane that when I'm on the plane looking down on the dock.

Today, we were heading into Kenora (see the pictures) to return some movies and I couldn't help but think of the people on the plane. Friend's are moving back to Toronto, but they are driving, and that's another story.


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