Thursday, June 30, 2005

Vacation - Day 2

Fireplace at the Lake
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Today was out first full day of vacation at our family cottage on Lake of the Woods. Day 1 was spent packing up and then spending a wonderful afternoon with friends who are moving back to Toronto. We wish that things had turned out differently and that we would have spend much more time together here in Winnipeg, but I have a feeling our friendship will survive the distance and we'll still connect from time to time.

As you may have guessed from the photo, it wasn't exactly a ripping hot day. The sky is overcast and the morning is spent with the usual cup of coffee and a great book which I've almost finished. After reading a couple of chapters, Shirley is up and we have breakfast. The tree that blew over last week is calling me, so I sharpen the chainsaw and get to work. The clearing that the loss of this tree made is just begging to be filled so we take a walk down the road in search of a replacement.

I know this time of year is not the greatest for transplanting small trees, but in the ditch along our road there are many spruce trees. Their life and height is severely limited because at least twice a year the road crew comes along with a brushing machine that clearcuts an 8' swath alongside the road. I figure the small trees will stand a better change being uprooted and replanted along side our driveway as opposed to having their heads cut of year after year.

It starts to rain mid-afternoon which means a book and a nap are in order. It's amazing how doing nothing on a rainy day can make you so tired. Perhaps it's the need to catch up on our sleep that is taking over. After a short nap and while Shirley is still catching some Z's, I get the computer out and post a few photos and even check the work email (what am I doing?). The connection at the lake is dial-up and I'm wishing that I'd arranged for the high(er) speed wireless hookup that is available in our area now. It's hard to go back to this slow of a connection. It's probably for the best as the lake should be all about un-plugging not staying connected, but we'll see.


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