Saturday, May 28, 2005

Tempus Fugit

(tem’pus fyOO’jit), [Latin]: Time Flies

I re-titled my blog today based on reading an article in Photolife magazine which was given to Scott as a birthday present. It seems much better that "Random Thoughts" and especially applicable at this time in my life where time really does seem to fly by. Seasons come and go at an ever increasing speed. I've heard it said that people of my age feel this way because there is a smaller and smaller percentage of life to live ahead of me. I can still remember growing up and spending summers at the lake, where summers seemed endless at least until that last week before school started. Now summers fly by in what seems like a few short weekends.

Speaking of time flying, Shirley and I had the privilege of celebrating a birthday with our good friend Chris last night. We had coffee and a great chocolate cake that Shirley made and just enjoyed each others company. Right now both of our families are preparing for summer weddings. Us with Eric & Dez and Chris and Elaine with their daughter Jennifer. With children leaving home it seems to even more emphasis the passage of time and the move to a different phase in our lives. Some of these changes are exciting and children leaving home is a natural process but I know I'll miss the daily contact, the playful jabs, and the good natured banter. I hope there will still be bike riding episodes to be enjoyed.


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