Friday, May 27, 2005

From the deck.

From the deck.
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The cottage is such a wonderful place. The view from the deck is always refreshing and new no matter how many times I sit and look out over the water. Even a rainy May long weekend has it's sunny moments. This weekend there were a lot of bugs, a huge number of bug in the bush and around the water front. We were out in the boat one afternoon and going by another island where it appeared there were columns of smoke rising up from one end. Upon closer inspection, it was millions of these bugs in a swarming formation. But, no mater what the conditions, or what our personal circumstances are we can always make the choice to enjoy our surroundings and to enjoy life. Being happy is a decission that I can make every day, and I choose to live a great life, full of joy and happiness. Life to the max!


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