Monday, May 16, 2005

Dark Waters

Dark Waters
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Opened the cottage on the May 15-16 weekend and while the weather was not the greatest, it was wonderful to be back at the cottage. It's always so peaceful and relaxing. There is always time to just sit and thing, to refresh the soul, to get back in touch with Who and what is important.

Arrived Friday night and after unloading put on the fireplace and Shirley prepared a nice snack. Turned in fairly early to get an early start on firing up the water system. Up on Saturday but not sure exactly when an I begin the familiar ritual of reassembling the water system which was carefully shut down last winter. First all the in-cottage connections, then under cottage connections and then the water line from the pump to the house. It's amazing how many little quirks, work arounds etc. develop in the system over the years.

All is going well, the line is in, the pump is primed and pressure is building in the system. OK, here we go, opening the valve to the line up to the cottage. Hey, what's this spray of water all over the place! After closing the valve I realize that that little slow drip I noticed last year really did mean something. This little part in the system has seen a better day. Inspite of having a huge inventory of plumbing parts, I don't have this one, so it's off to Kenora. Once in the car I notice it's only 8:15am and I must have been working for over an hour. On the way back from Kenora I treat my self at Timmy's to a coffee (no donut, I'm on the program :-( ).

Once the pump is running it's time to open the valve that lets the water into the cottage. This is where thing can get exciting. Everything seems OK for a few minutes, but then there is that sound of running water and all the taps are closed and things should be quiet. Yikes, it's the "pipe patch" in the lower bathroom ceiling, it's spring a leak. Run out side and shut the valve, fix the pipe, clean up the water all over the floor and try again. Success! The rest of the day is spent doing odd jobs and getting things back in place, plus a nap. Can't work too hard. Another great day at the lake.


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