Sunday, April 24, 2005

Phil, Shackleton, Churchill and The Ride

Today, Phil Baker spoke at our church, and delivered a great message about Words. Small words and Big Words and the importance of having Big Words in our life like Joy, God & People. Phil Baker is the pastor of Riverview Church in Australia. Their web site seems to be under a major re-vamp so perhaps you should check back later. They've also been reviewed by ABC

Phil mentioned his blog so I checked it out for a bit this afternoon before taking a bike ride. My son Scott purchased a couple of Phil's CDs on building business leadership, Shackleton - a leadership legacy, and Winston Churchill - a study in greatness. Shirley bought a book, which I'll get to later.

So, before the ride I burned Phil's CDs onto a CD-RW disc in MP3 format and loaded up Scott's Guru Flight road bike into the van and headed of for a road ride. I went out Henderson and I was thinking about a spin out to Lockport and back, a popular road ride. Just before setting out I noticed that the temperature was dropping. It was about 10C and at the last minute I decided to throw on the jacket over to of two jerseys. Good choice! There was a very strong headwind from the north and it was cool. After slugging out the headwind for 15km, I wimped out and new that Lockport was just too far away for today's ride and turned around. The wind noise on the first 15km was so loud that it made it quite hard to hear the CD, hence I'm re-listening to it now. Good Stuff! It's quite interesting since I recently saw the IMAX production about Shackleton. It's quite a remarkable story.

The 15km back was uneventful and much easier riding. Going out was about 28km/h and coming back was 35+km/h. I'm a little zapped after yesterday's 32km ride and the Bowflex workouts, so It will be an early night tonight.

[Listening to: Track 04 - Phil Baker - Shackleton (2:54)]


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