Friday, March 31, 2006

The World is Flat - Video Lecture

I've had this video bookmarked for a long time, and I finally got around to watching it, and its great stuff. Since I have not read the book yet, I think I'll add it to my Amazon WishList in case anybody is interested :-). Mr. Friedman tells a great story about checking in to a South West Airlines flight and learning about printing your boarding pass from home. His comment was one I was familiar with in that by printing your own boarding pass, you are becoming an employee of South West Airlines, but then he surprised me by saying if you value your time (I do!) that you are paying South West to be their employee! Think about that!

MIT World » : The World is Flat
Chances are good that Bhavya in Bangalore will read your next x-ray, or as Thomas Friedman learned first hand, “Grandma Betty in her bathrobe” will make your Jet Blue plane reservation from her Salt Lake City home. In “Globalization 3.0,” Friedman contends, people from far-flung places will become principal players in the marketplace.
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