Sunday, October 16, 2005

Back in the Sadle -Day 14

Today, I was back on the bike for the usual spin out to Assiniboine Park and back for a distance of 35km. This would be fairly normal, if it we're not for the crash on the Maah Daah Hey Trail on October 2, a mere 14 days ago, which resulted in a 3rd degree AC shoulder separation.

This first ride after the crash was far less that stellar and no where near as fast as my normal ride. I was favoring and protecting the left arm and watching out for every bump and crack in the road and of course there was no curb jumping or anything exciting at all. Just a nice first safe ride. The crash on the MDH was on Sunday about 40 minutes into the days ride. I was crusing down an nice straight downhill section that seemed quite ordinary until there was a large dropout in the track and I had too much weight forward which caused a crazy shock bottoming jar, tossing me out of the track. This would not normally be too bad as I could have typically re-gained control, slowed up a bit and dropped back into the track. But, before this could happen there was this large rock in the way, that I just couldn't seem to steer around. Well as best as I can figure, the bike hit the rock and I flew over the bars one way an the bike departed in a separate direction. There was no bouncing, no rolling, just a sudden stop from about 25/kmh on my left shoulder.

For the first few minutes, I just layed there and did some pretty serious praying. After a while, I was able to sit up and the arm hurt quite a bit. I was sure that the forks on the bike would be trashed or the front wheel would be taco'd, but to my surprise the bike seemed fine, certainly alot better that I was. The rest of the guys were up ahead so I got back on the bike and rode down the rest of the hill and over to Scott & Eric. By this time I was feeling a little dizzy and decided to start back to the hotel. I'm about 8km from the hotel and as I start moving I realize this will be a very long walk. After walking up the hill past the scene of the crash, I decide to ride the rest of the way as it's almost all down hill from here. Slowly and carefully I pick my way down the trail, onto the road and back to the the hotel. After a shower it's into the car for the 9hr drive home. The next day is at the doctor's to get the verdict. Oh well, stuff happens and this now marks my most serious bodily injury to date. It was worth it for a couple of days riding with the guys. I'm looking forward to MDH VI. Posted by Picasa


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