Wednesday, September 14, 2005

On the Road - Day 2

We left Billings Montana at 8am this morning and decided on the scenic route as opposed to the Interstate. The scenic route takes us right through Yellowstone National Park, a first for Shirley and I. It was a sunny morning and the mountains and country side were quite beautiful. The road tracks along the Yellowstone River and then the Snake river and there are many guys out in the rivers fly fishing, something I'd like to try in a big way. several years ago I bought a very nice fly fishing rod in Banff and have never really used it yet and never caught a fish either. Anyway, the drive is very nice and views are spectacular. Around lunch time, we're at Old Faithful and according to the predictions we'll have 40 minutes to catch lunch in the cafeteria before the eruption. The cafeteria is quite busy but service and the food is good and we're back outside with 10 minutes to spare. The forecast is pretty accurate and Old Faithful does it's stuff for the crowd. Surprisingly nobody cheers and it's very nice but somehow not as spectacular as I thought it might be, but then perhaps I'm just jaded. After all it's been erupting for longer that I've been alive with great regularity, and that is something of a wonder all by itself.

The scenic route has added several hours on to the trip and now were really booking it to make up time but the 2-way highway, curves and mountain, and little towns ever couple of miles are making some of us wish we were on the Interstate. But, I'm having a good time and the whole day is dedicated to the trip and getting into Salt Lake will just put us inside a hotel anyway and I'm glad we've spent the time enjoying God's creation.

We just drove through Paris, perhaps we made a wrong turn at Alburque, Doc! Shortly, we'll hook back up to I-15 for the run into Salt Lake City and then we'll play with the GPS to take us to the hotels. The next few days will be the USANA convention and we'll start with the Head Office production tour where they make the bust nutritional supplements in the world.


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