Saturday, June 04, 2005

Family at the Wall

Family at the Wall
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When I was younger, perhaps six or seven, my family lived in Toronto. and, like this family, my parents took my sister and I to Niagra Falls. One of my most vivid memories of this trip was the hight of the stone wall shown in this picture. I remember it being so very high and that my dad, had to lift me up to look over the edge and down into the gorge, Just like the young lad in this photo. I was both thrilled and scared at how far down it was from the edge of that wall to the bottom of the gorge.

Well, many years later, on a business trip to Toronto, I again went to Niagra Falls and was stunned at how low this wall actually is. It's only about two feet high!

It's all a mater of perspective, but it's still a long way down.


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