Sunday, June 19, 2005


Well, literally I'm back up and running with a new disk and most of my software and data recovered. There are still several key files that I'm trying to recover via software, but that's not going too well and as time passes, hope dims. Thanks to having a second disk on hand which I could sacrifice I was actually functional last weekend. The real replacement didn't arrive until Monday afternoon, and I've spent may hours locating, downloading, re-configuring and remembering passwords etc. Yeah, one of the files I lost was an encrypted database that had all my userids and passwords for almost everything on my computer, web sites etc.

On one of my very first job interviews over 30+ years ago the interviewer asked "What's the most important thing in IT?". Well, I made up some answer that I thought was pretty good, but it didn't line up with his. His answer was simple, "Backup". I'm beginning to think he was right.


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